Sweet Surrender is the proud provider of onsite/on call massage services for the guests of the beautifully renovated Blockade Runner Beach Resort  in Wrightsville Beach, NC!


"I highly recommend Yvonne's work to anyone in need of a massage, whether it be a relaxation massage or one designed to restore lost function.  Her hands are fantastic.  As a chiropractor, I am very in tune with the needs of my body and have received regular massages for quite some time to stay in top shape physically and mentally.  I can say that without a doubt, Yvonne has been the best.  I was never one to fall asleep during massges in the past but now I cannot keep my eyes open past 20 minutes.  If you are thinking of having a massage, look no further.  On a professional note, I have referred many of my patients to Yvonne over the past year and a half that I have known her and will continue to do so.  My patients love her and I typically hear things from them like " the best massage I have ever had" - " I felt like I was floating when I left" and my favorite testimonial I heard from one of my patients about Yvonne was "That was better than CHOCOLATE!"  -  Dr. Dave Russ DC


"Yvonne has always been a professional in all dealings.  She provides the best massage in the area, very good with personal issues regarding the body work needed!  I highly recommend this gal, you won't be disappointed!"  -  Barbara Thimmes


"I have received several massages from Yvonne over the last couple of years!  What a tremendous blessing to receive bodywork from Yvonne.  She is always amazing at the techniques and methods she uses to address any body issues that I have had, in the process addresses emotional issues that I have had as well.  Wonderful work Yvonne!  May your work be blessed beyond measure!"  -  Brenda Wade, Massage Therapist


"I highly recommend Yvonne for massage therapy and bodywork.  She makes you feel at ease and really "listens" to your body.  My first massage ever was with Yvonne and I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  She asked me various questions to get a feel for what concerns I had about my body and just got to know me/my personality.  Her work was rejuvenating, thoughtful and detailed.  She is the only person I will go to!"  -  Rebecca Reich


"From Swedish to deep tissue to hot rock, Yvonne provides a custom tailored massage for each of her clients.  Not only is she personable and in tune with your individual needs, she also has the most healing touch I've experienced in a long time.  I highly recommend her services. "  -  Kimberly Brumsey, Organic Skin Care & Waxing


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